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Figma Plugin Panel Screenshot of the UI
:doodle { @grid: 5 / 80rem; @shape: circle; } border-radius: 1000px; border: 1px dotted transparent; --r: @rand(360deg); --n: calc( @abs(@abs(@row() - 8) + @abs(@col() - 8) - 15) / 15); transform: rotate(var(--r)); border-left-color: @pick(#F24E1E, #FF7262, #A259FF, #1ABCFE, #0ACF83); animation: spin calc(2s / var(--n)) linear infinite; @keyframes spin { to { transform: rotate( calc(var(--r) + @pick(1turn, -1turn))); } }

The team behind Figma Plus

Ahmad Al Haddad Portrait

Ahmad Al Haddad

Head of Product Design, Tam

Jackie Chui Portrait

Jackie Chui

UX Designer II, Microsoft

Mirko Santangelo Portrait

Mirko Santangelo

Senior Designer, Paper Tiger